COST:            $20.00 


PAYOFF:        Due to unknown number of entries, the number of payoffs will be determined after all entries are in.  The payout pot will equal

                        100% of all the entries minus $60 for the stats program and website.


                        Last yearís  payoffs were 1st=$450,  2nd=$380,  3rd=$325, 4th=$275,  5th=$225,

                           (122 entries)                  6th=$180,  7th=$150,   8th=$125  9th=$100,  10th=$75,

                                                                11th=$55, 12th=$40



INSTRUCTIONS:  It is easy. Try to predict the winner of every game for entire tourney except for the play in games.  The pool will

                        start with 1st round on Thursday. 


ENTRY DEADLINE:    Thursday at 9:00 AM to your local representative or by e-mail to     


SCORING:    1st Round=1 pt.    2nd Round=3 pts.    Regional Semis=5 pts. 

                        Regional Finals=7 pts.     Semi-Finals=9 pts.     Championship=11pts


                        First Four games do not count. 


                        Person with most points wins


                        First tie-breaker will be total wins.

                        Second tie-breaker is points in the last round (Final, then Semiís, Reg. Final, etc.)


WEBSITE:     All information can be found at




                    1)  Turn in bracket and money to your local representative.

                    2)  Email a bracket to

                    3)  Email stat program Entry Form file to  This method is PREFERRED FOR E-MAILERS.

                            Only works with Windows. Does not work with Apple product.

                            Directions for completing the stat program entry form Directions.

                    4)  If emailing bracket in, state in email how your money is going to be turned in, either through a local representative, through the mail, Paypal ( or Venmo (steve-burnette-2) .


RESULTS:     The results will be posted on Mayhem Home Page  probably on late Friday night after all entries are

                        entered into the stat program.  Once all entries are in the program, the results will be updated consistently after the games have

                        been completed.




                        There is no way I can predict the entire Final Four.  Excluding 2008 where all four #1 seeds advanced, in the 30 years of this

                        pool only 46 entries (19 in 2007) out of 5,023 have picked the entire Final Four correct and 20 of them did not cash.  Thus, proving

                        everyone is an idiot.


                        If you have no clue about college basketball or sports in general but you know numbers, well 1 is better than 16.  Thus, the

                        lower the number next to the team, the better the team is suppose to be.  (HINT: Stetson is most likely not going to win a

                        game, let alone the tourney but you never know)  


                        To say it in English, anyone can win.