Final 4


It certainly is a game of inches.  They all are.  We lavish big trophies and dish out accolades to the victors, but sometimes those victorious margins are super slim indeed.  UConn sure *Rolled Tide* (from the Mike Price collection) in advancing to the Final 4, but the margins of Ga Tech (OT), Ok State, and Duke were slim indeed.  Slim counts though, and one of these four squads will make a fine champion.


One of 5 entries will capture the 12th Annual Mayhem of Madness title.  Big Lars, Pep, Teacher 4 Hire, Peyton Hickman, and Home Depot Fan are the *Final 5*.  50 entries can still reach Pay Dirt and Mike Mussina is the only one that’s assured of cash (what?  The Yankees haven’t given him enough?).  5 entries have cash at their fingertips in 7 of the 8 possibilities which include the aforementioned Teacher 4 Hire and Home Depot Fan as well as BS, Mike Adams, and Keo 2.


If some of you are wondering if the guy that runs this pool is going to the Final Four again.  No he isn’t.  He did not win the lottery this year.  4 of the last 5 is still pretty impressive.  He will be home watching the games this year.


Take a breather, geek up the potential outcomes, and we’ll see you back here on Monday to see *who gets what*  and we all can sing “One Shining Moment” together.