14th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap Regional Finals


The games just keep getting better.5 of the last 8 Regional Finals games the last 2 years went into overtime.UCLA win on Thursday was amazing.I canít believe UConn almost lucked themselves into the Final Four.It was nice to see the #11 seed George Mason get to the Final Four.††††††


Two entries have the opportunity to capture the 14th Annual Mayhem of March title.Sophomore Slump or Tyus Edney are the two that can still be this yearís champion.The winner will be determined on Saturday night with the LSU and UCLA game.8 people can start counting there money. ††They will be in the money in all 8 possibilities. 31 other entries can be in the money with the right outcome.


Once again, we had 0 people pick the final four correct.The 14 year total is now 24 entries out of 2396 entries have guessed the final four correct.


Only for the 3rd year in the last 8 years, I will not be going to the Final Four.It will be real hard to watch the games on Saturday not being there and especially since UCLA is there this year.


I will be in touch with the all winners after the Final Four.


Good luck to all.Go Bruins!!!!!

††††††††† ††