14th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap #1


Welcome back to the 14th Annual Mayhem of March Contest.I would like to thank all of the returning people and all of the rookies.We grew the pool by 10 people this year to 209.This makes the biggest $$$ pot ever.†† Thanks for everyone that joined.


Turning to the 2006 Madness, I canít remember how so many close games for the first 4 days.Is this the NFL, where there is lots of parity in college basketball now?Who would of thought a #13 seed Bradley would make it into the Sweet 16.The answer is no one in our pool.Only one person, Mr Fluffy Snuggles picked George Mason to reach the Sweet 16.Could this be the first year when all #1 seeds make it to the Final Four?Only 16 people picked the top seeds to go to Indianapolis this year.


Round 1 saw SALLEX vault out to the early lead with 28 out of 32 correct.SALLEX won 2 more games than the next best person.Unfortunately for SALLEX, he only won 8 games in the 2nd round and fell to 83rd place.††† The 2nd round found Tyus Edney and Red Ribbon Stars having the top rounds with 13 wins.I think Tyus Edneyís other 2nd round performance in 1995 was slightly better than having the top score in the Mayhem of March this year.The big round for Tyus helped him have a 3 point advantage over Red Ribbon Stars and Sex Panther.Red Ribbon Stars was the big winner of this yearís Deathpool.This could be a huge year for him.


Only 11 people have been eliminated from the money.107 of you still have a chance to claim the top spot.The standings will be updated shortly after each game.


Plenty of good stuff to mull over on the website, thatís www.sportgeekpools.com for all your sporting needs!!

††††††††† ††