13th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap #2


Wow, the games this weekend were just incredible.I donít think you could of asked for 3 of the 4 games to go into overtime.Hopefully this is a sign to come for the games in St. Louis next week.After having a one year hiatus going to the Final Four, I will once again be heading to St. Louis this week to see the games.


One of 4 entries will capture the 13th Annual Mayhem of Madness title.Buckeye Jane, Jim Smith, Jeff Nigaras and the National Hockey League are the four that can still be this years champion.48 entries can still can be in the money. Buckeye Jane is the only one thatís assured of cash. 3 entries have cash at their fingertips in 7 of the 8 possibilities which include the aforementioned Jeff Smith as well as Bill Self and CSBLU.


Once again, we had 0 people pick the final four correct.The 13 year total is now 24 entries out of 2187 entries have guessed the final four correct.††


I will try to update the standings while I will be in St. Louis.I will be in touch with the winners when I get back.


Good luck to all.

††††††††† ††