13th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap #1


Welcome back to the 13th Annual Mayhem of March Contest.  I would like to thank all of the returning people and all of the rookies.  We grew the pool by 3 people this year to 199.  Maybe next year, we can break the 200 mark again. 


Turning to the 2005 Madness, there are twelve teams that were awarded a 2, 3, or 4 seed.  How many of those twelve are marching into the Sweet 16?  Uh, only 4 out of those 12 could muster two W’s.  Once again, some delicious seedings are searching for the remote as they’ll be watching from the couch.  All the #1 seeds have advanced and they’re licking their chops.  Could this be the first year when all #1 seeds make it to the Final Four.


Round 1 saw Bill Self and CATS vault out to the early lead with 28 out of 32 correct.  I guess Bill Self (Kansas head coach) should of spent more time preparing for Bucknell rather than filling out his Mayhem bracket.    Buckeye Jane then made Round 2 her personal domain by having the only entry with 12 out of 16 succeeding.  This has vaulted her into the lead through round 2.  Only 2 entries were able to nab 11 of those 16 and they were Tyson Chandler and the Troyminators. 


Only 18 people have been eliminated from the money.  76 of you still have a chance to claim the top spot.  The standings will be updated shortly after each game.


Plenty of good stuff to mull over on the website, that’s www.sportgeekpools.com for all your sporting needs!!