March Madness!!


††††††† ďOh me, oh my!!ĒFor those Clippersí fans out there, thanks for recognizing the Ralph Lawler reference.For the other 196 of you, letís just say it wasnít a prudent idea to be wearing a jersey of a higher seed in Round 2.There was more carnage on the basketball court today than there was in Ayman al-Zawahiriís army!!If youíre 0 for 2 in following along with me, then youíre probably one of the leaders in the 12th Annual Mayhem of Madness pool.All flocks of life are attracted to the NCAA tournament due to its unpredictability.Is the college basketball tourney that much more of a mystery than the playoffs of other sports?Of course not.If those other sports had one game elimination during the playoffs, it would come out just as whacky.I know, I know, doesnít football have one game eliminations?Yes, but put those games at neutral fields and crazier results would ensue.Thatís the beauty of the Madness pool:ANYONE has a shot of claiming victory (ok, maybe not you *FUNDON*).


††††††††† Letís take a look at some numbers so far:after 2 rounds, only 10 people out of 196 can capture all 4 of the Final 4.If this was after 3 rounds, it might be understandable.After 2 rounds to have 186 people have at least one of their Final 4 eliminated, itís down right hilarious.Only 44% of the entries have their champion still alive.Not only are 56% of the entries already wrong in whoís going to win this darn thing, their *champions* couldnít even win 2 measly games!!7 of the Top 16 seeds have crumbled faster than the Vet in Philadelphia!


††††††††† Turning to the contest:Jim Calhoun led everyone in Round 1 with 30 out of 32 correct (including his own team!!).Greg Henderson 2 (is that a clone?) captured 29 victories and Toby Veach was right there with 28.Toby continued that success as he was one of 11 people to manage 11 out of 16 in Round 2.This pool is FAR from over as 22 out of the current Top 25 have a team thatís already lost playing in the championship game.Plenty of opportunities for someone to go to the whip and pass the field.


Thanks also to all the pool *runners* who get this thing out to so many.Donít forget to *refresh* the standings after ever game to see the latest results!Best of luck to ya and donít go mad from the Madness!!!