Mayhem of March Madness


Final Four Recap


Wow, another Mayhem of March is over.  Kansas wins their first National Championship since Danny Manning 20 years ago.  This year we saw for the first time all 4 #1 seeds make it to the Final Four.  45 people predicted that this would happen.  Prior to this year we only had 43 people to do it out of 2599 entries in the history of the MoMM.   


Going into the Championship game 10 people were guaranteed money.  While 20 other people had to wait to the end of the game on Monday to see if they could add their names to the top 20.  I bet the 10 that had Memphis were already counting their money.  The free throw shooting that was a question mark from the beginning finally came back to haunt them.  Where was the foul when you are up by 3 points or a time out?         


With Kansas winning the championship Paul Pierce adds his name to the Mayhem of March Madness Hall of Fame.  I think Paul will substitute this victory for a NBA championship this year as Boston has clinched the #1 seed in the playoffs.  Paul Pierce was one of the 3 entries to guess the Final Four, Finals and Champion correct.  MPK1 finished in second.  Frank Robinson rounds out the top 3.


For those that were wondering if I went to San Antonio this year, I couldn’t due to my work schedule so a couple of my other family members were down hanging out at the Riverwalk.   


          Thanks to all that participated and once again made the pool a success.  Congratulations once again to the 20 winners and hope to see all of you and some of your friends next year.  Check back in later in the month for the 3rd Annual NBA Playoff Challenge will begin.  The Western Conference is wide open which could make the NBA Playoff Challenge very exciting this year.