16th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap #1


Welcome back to the 16th Annual Mayhem of March Contest.I would like to thank all of the returning people and all of the rookies.We broke our record for the highest pot in pool history.Thanks for everyone for joining.


Turning to the 2008 Tournament,Round 1 saw the current Memphis coach John Calapiri and starting center for the 1995 National Champion UCLA Bruins George Zedik jump to the early lead by picking 27 out of 32 correct.††


Round 2 found MPK1 picking 13 out of 16 games correct which gives him a 3 point lead after the second round.Psycho-T and Tony Soprano are tied for second place after the second round.


I have been to 6 Final Fours and 4 Regional Finals but this year was the first time I have seen the first two rounds in person.The Thursday night games in Anaheim were a bore but I donít think I have seen two back to back games more exciting than on Saturday.


Could this be the first year when all #1 seeds make it to the Final Four?45 people picked all the top seeds to go to San Antonio this year.


Only 6 people have been eliminated from the money.106 of you still have a chance to claim the top spot.


The standings will be updated shortly after each game.


††††††††† ††