Mayhem of March Madness


Final Four Recap


I am back from my 6th Final Four.  It was great to be at a Final Four with UCLA there.  Even though they lost to Florida on Saturday, it was a lot of fun.  I couldn’t count how many times that I was asked starting in the second half of the UCLA game, if I was going to the Championship on Monday or was I going to be selling my tickets.  I had some sweet club level tickets for Saturday so every Ohio State or Florida fan in the area wanted those seats for Monday.  My Monday seats were distant view seats.  Check out my link to my photos to see my seats.  I was continued to be asked if I was going to the game on Monday whiling walking around the dome after the game trying to find 50% off UCLA shirts and even the subway trip back to the hotel.  People I am a huge NCAA hoops fan, I was going to the ATL with or without UCLA.


Saturday, it seemed that Florida slightly edged out Ohio State fans with UCLA and Georgetown fans far behind.  On Monday, a lot of the Gator fans must of driven up to the ATL.  It was a huge Gator crowd for the Championship game.  Late in the game, the Florida fans got into the “Just Like Football” chant.  For the second straight year, Florida repeats as champion of the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament.


Going into the Championship game only 7 people were guaranteed money.  While 26 other people had to wait to the end of the game on Monday to see if they could add their names to the top 20.      


With Florida winning the championship BS adds his name to the Mayhem of March Madness Hall of Fame.  BS took the lead of the pool after the second round and never gave it up.  I know BS is a huge Buckeye fan but his wallet got a lot thicker with the Buckeye lost on Monday.  UNDERDOG finished in second place.  UNDERDOG did not lose a game after the 2nd round.  Kccool rounds out the top 3.


This year we had 19 people pick the Final Four correct which brought the 15 year total to only 43 people to pick the Final Four correctly.  Only 9 of them placed in the money this year.  That makes 21 of the 43 people didn’t cash by doing the almost impossible which is picking the Final Four correct. 


          Thanks to all that participated and once again made the pool a success.  Congratulations once again to the 20 winners and hope to see all of you and some of your friends next year.  Check back in later in the month for the 2nd Annual NBA Playoff Challenge will begin.


I will finish by saying “One Shining Moment”.