15th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap Regional Finals


We now know which teams will be joining me in Atlanta this weekend.This will be my 6th trip to the Final Four in the last 9 years.I was very depressed last year when I didnít get tickets to Indianapolis and then especially after UCLA making the trip to Indy.It should be a great trip.†††††††


For the third round in a row, BS continues to hold down the top spot.We still have 7 people with a chance to take the top spot and 59 people that can still claim some cash.


We had 19 people pick the final four correct.This almost was the total for the previous 14 years. The 15 year total is now 43 entries out of 2599 entries have guessed the final four correct.


I will be in touch with the all winners after I return from the Final Four.


Good luck to all.Go Bruins!!!!!

††††††††† ††