15th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap #2 (Sweet 16)


Where are the upsets?  Every higher seed won on Thursday and Friday.  If you would of picked the higher seed in every game from the beginning, you would be in 35th place right now.     


BS holds onto the top spot after the 3rd round.  WSU Cougs has jumped up to the second spot.  The real Cougs might of lost in double overtime last week to Vanderbilt but this WSU Cougs picked all 8 Sweet 16 games correct.  Twelve other teams managed to pick all 8 winners.  JT did 4 entries and it looks like he did the same picks for the first four rounds for all 4 entries.  He only mixed up the Final Four.  It seemed to work since he is in 11th place.


The last two days only eliminated 40 people from the money.  I expect that to change a lot over the weekend.


Where was the traveling call at the end of the Georgetown game.  For everyone that says let the players decide the game, was that fine to let the Georgetown player switch pivot foot to make the game winning basket.  That wasn’t the first time he traveled on the play also.  He walked before he dribble the ball.  Vanderbilt has a right to complain.


All four #1 seeds were behind by at least 6 points in the 3rd round games but they all won.  UNC and Ohio State had huge comebacks.  Will this be the first year that we see all four #1 seeds make it into the Final Four?  Twenty-five people think that is going to happen.  Three of those are already eliminated from the money. 


Enjoy the games this weekend.