15th Annual Mayhem of March


Recap #1


Welcome back to the 15th Annual Mayhem of March Contest.  I would like to thank all of the returning people and all of the rookies.  Once again we had over 200 people enter.  Where do you all come from?  I have no idea but thanks for everyone for joining.


Turning to the 2007 Madness, where is the madness?  There were several close games but not a lot of upsets.  There were only 5 lower seeds won in both the first and second rounds.  Six of the ten upsets were either #9 seed over a #8 seed or a#5 seed over a #4 seed.  There is no #11 seed like George Mason creating havoc to everyone’s brackets this year.  Could this be the first year when all #1 seeds make it to the Final Four?  Only 25 people picked all the top seeds to go to Atlanta this year.


This pool is primarily based in Southern California.  Where is the local love for USC?  Only 30 people out of 203 picked the Trojans to make it to the Sweet 16.  Did we all think Kevin Durant would individually do what Vince Young did to USC?  I never get tired of seeing the clip of Vince Young dashing into the end zone of the Rose Bowl.  


            Round 1 saw the current World Series MVP David Eckstein jump to the early lead by picking 31 out of 32 correct.   A couple of years ago, I saw a segment on Eckstein during spring training and it showed David going to the public library to read his email because he didn’t have a computer.  So if you see David at the public library in Jupiter, Florida, make sure you congratulate him on only missing one game in the first round.  David Eckstein won 2 more games than the next best person.  Ryan Ritter, Rivera and The Cats followed David in the first round by picking 29 out of 32 correct.


            Round 2 found BS picking 15 out of 16 games correct.  That is no BS, he only missed 1 game over the weekend.  Dumbledore is Dead, Kccool and Kahuna were the next best with 14 correct picks.  


Only 4 people have been eliminated from the money.  124 of you still have a chance to claim the top spot. 


The standings will be updated shortly after each game.